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Bathroom Renovation Tips: Your Guide to a Functional and Beautiful Space

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A bathroom renovation is an exciting project that can completely revitalise one of the most used spaces in your home. Whether you’re longing for a spa-like retreat or a more functional, family-friendly bathroom, a few essential tips can make all the difference. FACL Construction understands the unique challenges of bathroom renovations in New Zealand, so here’s your guide to make the process smoother and get the results you want.

Planning for Success

  1. Budget Wisely: Before getting swept up in design ideas, set a realistic budget. Account not only for material costs but also for labour, potential surprises behind the walls, and a contingency for unforeseen costs. This ensures you don’t run into financial hurdles mid-project.
  2. Space-Savvy Design: Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes. Make the most of yours! Clever storage, multi-functional fixtures, and even changing the layout can make a small bathroom feel significantly more spacious.
  3. Prioritise Needs vs. Wants: When the budget is limited, determine what’s essential for your daily life. New tiles might be a top “want,” but if there are underlying plumbing issues, addressing those becomes a must-have.

Materials and Eco-Consciousness

  1. Durability for Dampness: The bathroom is a high-humidity environment. Choose tiles, flooring, paint, and cabinetry materials specifically designed to handle moisture to avoid rot and deterioration.
  2. Sustainable Choices: New Zealand values environmental responsibility. Look into sustainable bathroom materials like bamboo, recycled materials, and low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paints for a lighter environmental footprint.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Lighting and water fixtures impact your bathroom’s efficiency. Upgrade to LED lighting and fixtures with WaterSense labelling, lowering your energy costs while enjoying an upgraded space.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

  1. Ventilation is Key: A well-ventilated bathroom combats mould, mildew, and lingering odours. Ensure you have effective fans, venting ducts, and consider windows if natural ventilation is possible.
  2. The Layout Puzzle: Does your current layout function well? Rearranging fixtures like the shower, toilet, and vanity can dramatically alter the sense of space and flow. Get creative and utilise design tools to test new ideas.
  3. Don’t Skimp on Tradespeople: Plumbing, electrical work, and tiling should be tackled by experienced professionals. Not only ensures the job is done right, but it’s often required for safe code compliance and to keep warranties intact. FACL Construction has access to a trusted network of skilled tradespeople.

Expert Tip:

“Lighting can transform your bathroom’s ambiance. Combine bright task lighting at the vanity with softer overhead lights. And don’t forget accents like under-cabinet lights for a touch of luxury.” – FACL Construction Team


Your bathroom holds the potential to be an oasis of relaxation or a streamlined space for your busy routine. Smart planning, thoughtful design, and a focus on practicality will make your renovation rewarding. FACL Construction can partner with you throughout the process, from initial plans to expert finishing touches, all while staying within your budget and making the experience stress-free!

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