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Who we are?

Our team of seasoned professionals

We specialize in Residential & Commercial Constructions, Renovations Landscaping

With decades of experience in construction, is dedicated to delivering residential renovations that blend modern functionality with timeless design, creating new builds that stand as paragons of architectural excellence and structural integrity, and managing light commercial projects that balance functionality with aesthetic appeal.

About FACL

Discover FACL Construction’s journey of dedication to quality construction, lead by a team of experienced professionals committed to excellence.

With a solid educational foundation and extensive knowledge in construction, we bring a harmonious blend of theoretical insight and practical expertise to deliver excellence in EVERY project.

Our builders, designers, project managers and artisans bring decades of experience to every project, ensuring reliability and expertise.

Our Mission

“Building Tomorrow, Renovating Today” – We are not just constructing for the present; we are shaping spaces for a brighter future.

Our Vision

Building the future one solid foundation at a time – To be a leading force in delivering innovative and sustainable construction solutions, where each structures tell stories of excellence of FACL Construction team.









Meet Our Team

Design Team:

Shaan Ansari

Craig Haywood

Maria Pomeroy

Project & Office Management Team:

Gazala Ansari

Project Management

Peter Clothier

Business Management

Imran Ahemad

Site Management

Tabassum Ansari

Office Management

Sam Aitken

Certified Plumber & Drainlayer

Blake Forbes

Registered Electrician

Presenting our team of seasoned professionals, a dynamic group committed to excellence in their respective fields. Our diverse team brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and a shared passion for delivering exceptional results. From skilled project managers and creative minds to technical specialists, each member contributes a unique set of skills to ensure comprehensive and top-notch solutions. We pride ourselves on collaborative synergy, allowing us to tackle challenges with a holistic approach. Meet the faces behind our success – a team driven by innovation, dedication, and a collective commitment to exceeding expectations.

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